EasyBooks Accounting

EasyBooks Accounting

By Geode Software

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-02-21
  • Current Version: 7.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.65 MB
  • Developer: Geode Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.13 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    3.5/5 ( 94 App Reviews)
  • Price:
EasyBooks Accounting App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 94 App Reviews

EasyBooks Accounting App Details

Accounts in a mess? Worried about 'doing the books'? Let's make it…well…EASY! EasyBooks is professional business bookkeeping, invoicing and time-tracking for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It includes demo businesses and space for 60 transactions so you can see if you like it. You can update to unlimited transactions by taking out a subscription. EasyBooks is Ideal for small businesses and 'one man bands', this app allows you to keep track of all your accounts, including bank accounts, sales and purchase invoices, expenses, earnings and assets (including depreciation). For bank and credit card accounts, you can reconcile your statements in the app. Entering information is easy and quick. Previous entries are used to auto-complete new ones. You can also save time when entering similar transactions by duplicating an existing transaction and setting the date. You can also import transactions from a CSV file. Set recurring transactions to match your standing orders (such as pay day). EasyBooks automatically creates these transactions as they become due according to your schedule (weekly, every two weeks, monthly and so on). Financial Reporting A full double-entry accounting package that not only maintains the accounts, but also performs financial reports such as: * Profit and Loss (accrual or cash basis) * Balance Sheet * Cash Flow * Trial Balance * VAT return (cash, standard or flat rate) * Customer and Supplier Aged Debt * Monthly breakdown and budget analysis * Transaction List * Audit ...and more! All reports can be exported from the app by email. The output format is HTML or CSV which can be imported into other applications such as Excel. Customer Invoicing Invoices and delivery notes are generated in PDF format. Send these by email direct to your customer, print them or send them to other apps such as Dropbox. Set the company logo, addresses, payment terms and so on to customise the invoice for your business. Once purchased, the DRAFT watermark is removed for every invoice you send. You can also prepare your customer statements in PDF format as well. Transactions can split over many lines if you require, so for example, if you raise a sales invoice for a customer, you can add a separate line for each item on the invoice. Value Added Tax Add any number of sales and purchase VAT accounts, each with a specific rate. EasyBooks automatically calculates the amounts for you. Foreign Currencies Enter amounts in a foreign currency and EasyBooks will keep track of any realised and unrealised gains due to exchange rate variations over time. Time Tracking Track time spent working for different customers. Set your billing rates and the app will generate a sales entry for your customer as well as keep a record of all your hours worked and what you were doing. This optional extra comes with 10 entries to try it out. If you don't need it, its easy to turn off completely to keep the user interface clean and simple. Backup and Restore Backing up is easy, and the backup file is compatible with the iOS version of EasyBooks. But it's better to use our Online Sync service. This provides continuous online backup and synchronises between all devices running the app, Mac to Mac or iPad/iPhone to Mac. Online Syncing All pricing plans include access to our Online Syncing service for continuous online backup and to synchronise all changes you make with every device whether Mac or iOS. Sharing You can share access to your books with your accountant. This allows them to check your accounts for accuracy, fix mistakes, complete your tax calculation and handle your year end. For a full user guide to EasyBooks, visit our web site; https://easybooksapp.com


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App Reviews

  • Multi-company and easy to learn

    By FrederickD
    Grew up doing Accounting with journals and ledgers. Have used QuickBook$. I really like Easy Books. The multi-company feature alone is worth the price of admission for me. There was a learning curve but not real steep. The program 'learns' from previous transactions which makes input of similar transactions much easier. The reporting is basic and very good for my needs. Top notch program that fits my needs. Great work Easy Books!
  • Great software, wish I found it years ago!

    By Nlecuyer
    I just stumbled onto EasyBooks. Wish I had found it years ago! Very nicely done. Strengths (from perspective of US-based sole proprietorship with no employees): + Full double-entry book keeping software for small businesses. Easy to set up all necessary accounts. Not just invoicing, this software does the full books. + Much simpler to use than QuickBooks, FreshBooks, etc. I tried those programs and I could never get it all together for our small Schedule C business. Too complicated. And assumption for all those other programs is that you are paying an accountant to do much of the work. That might be a suitable assumption for a “larger” small business but not for a $10k side hustle. With QuickBooks, I couldn’t even make an adjustment to a previous reconciliation, that requires an accountant. + iOS applications have pretty much 100% of the functionality of the desktop version. Yeah! Cloud-based sync’ing works great, it’s speedy and accurate. + UI designed assuming manual data entry instead of bank sync. As a result, the UI is very efficient for both data entry and reconciliation. It took me only about 1/3 the amount of time to enter 5 years’ worth of history into EasyBooks as QuickBooks. I discovered this software on a Friday evening, and by Monday evening had 5 years’ worth of books entered and consolidated. Am now ready to do 2017 tax return. Yeah! + Performance is very good due to native thick-client design. Much better than web-based apps. The program defaults are for a UK-based business (with VAT etc.) It took me a few minutes to figure out how to re-configure the preferences and accounts for a US-based business with sales tax instead of VAT. But between the extensive online help and some quick Google searches, it was quickly accomplished. If your business is simple and similar in profile (sole proprietorship, no employees hence no need to do payroll, low to moderate transaction velocity so manual data entry OK, and DIY Schedule C taxes) then EasyBooks is for you! I see some prior reviews complain about the subscription-based pricing model. If users don’t see the value of this software then I would encourage them to spend a year running their business on a spreadsheet instead. Since our business is a side hustle, I value my time at >$100 an hour of time spent. EasyBooks quickly earns its keep. I like EasyBooks so much that I popped for the Gold subscription plan, even though for our business I could have gotten away with the Bronze. For $5 / extra per month, I think a small extra tip is worth it to help keep Geode Software in business. Thanks Geode, keep up the great work!
  • I feel betrayed!

    By Kaydell L.
    I bought this program before you had to pay every month for a subscription. I spent $80.00, making a deal that I wouldn't ever have to pay again. They changed the deal so that my software didn't work anymore. Supposedly, I was able to upgrade to a program called "Easy Books Lite". The trouble is that Easy Books Lite isn't working for me and soon it won't even be supported at all. I feel betrayed! I feel that they breached the contract that they made with me. Another thing is that the product uses the technical accounting language of the United Kingdom (UK) and I use the language of the United States (US). Accounting is hard enough for me without stumbling accross money-hungry developers who aren't using terminology that is used in the US.
  • Time Tracking paid for and now stopped working

    By ByteSlinger
    I recommend looking elsewhere. I started using EasyBooks 5 years ago for my consulting business. It is a bit different than most accounting software I’ve used, but I figured out how to use it to get the job done. It is certainly less complicated than QuickBooks. But I had previously paid for an upgrade that allowed me to use Time Tracking. Now it won’t let me add any more Time Tracking entries. It says that I must sign up for some monthly subscription. I originally bought this product so that I wouldn’t have to deal with crap like that. I understand that they are trying to compete with other products that are structured that way, but I paid up front a long time ago. I don’t need or want their monthly service. I wish I had not upgraded from the previous version and there’s no way to go back now. I’m disappointed enough to switch to something else, even if the cost is the same or more. And to think, I recommended EasyBooks to a few customers recently. I hope they didn’t buy it.
  • SCAM!!! Paid for version and now holding my information until I pay

    By Healing Wings C
    Do no buy!! Not that is was all that to begin with but wanted something simple!! SO AFTER paying 85.00 now they want more for subscription! Greedy and was not informed before purchased it so just don’t waste your time because you can purchase any old system that was better than this without the hassel and being charged over and over again. Poorly written and poor business move.
  • Company Owner

    By DKLP123
    I have used this app for several years for a small business. It served my purpose well and the app worked well. However, they are now going to a paid app which is about $10 per month and are requiring the prior users to convert to a “lite” program. I have not been able to complete the conversion and am frustrated. I am now scrambling to secure my data and access. I would not purchase this program because I would question if they would update again and put you in the same position. If you are a business, reliable and easy access to prior data is crucial! I believe it would have been better for Easybooks to continue the older version as is without the upgrades and support but offer their new, upgraded and improved version as convesion app for current users and a new app for new customers with the fees. It would not have left me with negative opinion of their decision making skills and I would have considered purchasing the new version and converting. Now, my trust in the company has been greatly eroded.
  • Don’t Buy It!

    By ExpatBen
    I bought this for full price years ago so I could do unlimited transactions. The free version only let you do a couple. Now they have liminted my transactions to I don’t know what, but they want $10 a month for me to use the program now. Every year this product has gotten harder and harder to use and more and more things have become behind a pay wall. This was going to be my last year using it for my business, now I’ll be switching half way through. I bet I’ll have to pay for an export of my data too. Not the program for anyone that is going to use it for more then a season because the payments you have to make will just change, and the usefulness of the program has gone down. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • It took 3 years but they finally went for the money.

    By Cci1986
    I used this for 3 years and now they want $10 a month to continue using it? Dont think so….
  • Total Scam. Apple should remove them from the App Store

    By AlHelaibi
    I’ve been a user for a while and then suddenly the developer decided to charge us for a monthly subscription. When I didn’t choose to go for one, the app stopped working! After sending emails to Easy Books, they directed me to download a scaled down version called Easy Books Lite - It has less than half of the functionality of Easy Books. A total rip off. Apple should remove them from the App Store.
  • What?

    By ArtAwake
    I’ve been a user for a while. Recently this app decided to revert all my modules to paid modules. I had already purchased them, and they weren’t subscription base. Changing the business model on your old customers is not a trustworthy business practice. Shady. Stay away from this app.